Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is one of the most cost effective ways to heat your home Warm water under floor heating is becoming ever increasingly popular for new-build and retrofit projects. We supply and design a bespoke under floor heating solution suitable to your project.

Under floor heating offers a heating alternative to radiators in bathrooms, kitchens, an entire house - or simply a means to warm up a cold floor on an early morning in winter. Because the heat emitted from an underfloor system is more evenly distributed than a single radiator, the system can use water at a lower temperature. So it's a more efficient way of heating your home.

Electric Under Floor Heating

Airtech can supply and install a range of under floor systems to suit a variety of floor constructions including stone, tile, wooden or even carpeted surfaces. Airtech can also offer a control package that allows for temperatures can be monitored and controlled remotely via smart device. Water Under Floor Heating

A series of pipes connected to your existing boiler to circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space. Alternatively, you can connect the water under floor pipes to a solar water heating system.