Saunas and Steam rooms

From Whirlpools to Body jets Airtech is highly experienced in designing and installing the perfect home spa for you creating a relaxing, unwinding, stress free environment within your own home.

Home Saunas and Steam rooms are becoming increasingly popular to accompany a beautiful swimming pool or Jacuzzi. For cleansing of the body and mind home Saunas and Spas are a great perfect way to rejuvenate your body and release toxins Airtech offer a variety of products to make a domestic leisure facility a simple reality. The home sauna and steam experience comes in many sizes, shapes and styles To find out how Airtech can help you enjoy home sauna or steam room by way of a small steam generator in the loft delivering steam to your existing shower enclosure or a home sauna cabin, a family log cabin sauna in the garden; or if you want something really special, Airtech have vast experience and knowledge to design and build a package to suit your home.