Water Treatment & Water Supply Systems

Ensuring homes are safe and efficient, Ensuring internal surfaces of water tanks are free from scale, scum, corrosion, silt, stagnation and other foreign bodies. The home water treatment systems area will look at the uses, advantages and disadvantages of water filters, water softeners, water conditioners and water treatment chemicals.

Air Source / Air to Water Heatpump Systems

Specifically designed for domestic central heating, providing reliable and efficient space heating and hot water all year round. These systems can provide water temperatures up to 50°C (without backup electric heater) in ambient temperatures as low as -15°C with very high seasonal efficiency of up to 450%.

For new-build properties, renewable technologies are also eligible for zero VAT.

Systems can be used to replace any existing heating system and offers significant reductions in installation and running costs compared to oil and with a professionally maintained heat pump unit offering an average lifespan of 15 - 20 years, you’ll save on annual maintenance costs too.